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ROSA FLORA- Rose to Silvery Pink color shift .4mm glitter Loose glitter for nail art, face, craft supply, resin supply, freshie glitter...

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Optical Illusion: (Color Shifting glitter) ROSA FLORA .4mm glitter!

Color: very subtle color shift from a rose color to a silvery pink **see photos**
Shape: hexagon shape
Size: .4mm

*** Jars are sold separately.***

Large and chunky glitters are not recommended for use around the eye.

** Some photos shown on curved paper or in the curve of a plastic bag and with different light directions, as well as different camera angles to show color variation on curved items and different angles.**

Skin safe Polyester glitter for use in nail art and resin, tumblers, scrapbook and crafting projects, Painting projects, soap making, confetti, paper crafts, candle making, cosmetic, journals, card making, cosplay, costume making, slime making, Balloons, beards, hair, festival pride, team pride, etc..

Has been tried in acrylic and gel hold up well in the products we tried them with.
( please note glitter may react differently to different brand acrylics and gels)
Works with mod podge, and white glue as well as super glues. ( reaction may differ from brand to brand)
Works in resin. (reaction may differ with different resins)

** Does not work in polish base**

***Due to variations and screen settings, colors may differ in person.***