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MY STARS - Fun Star SPARKLY glitter mix - Loose Glitter for Nail art Hair Face Fun Body Tumblers Craft supply Resin supply Freshie Glitter

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MY STARS glitter mix- Majestic Mixes -

My STARS is a celestial-inspired glitter mix that brings the wonders of the universe to your creative endeavors. This dazzling blend features various shapes of iridescent glitters that shimmer with an ethereal glow, reminiscent of distant galaxies and cosmic wonders. Among this stellar array, silver holographic star-shaped glitters twinkle like distant constellations, while golden holographic star-shaped glitters exude a sense of cosmic elegance. To add a touch of cosmic contrast, black star-shaped glitters punctuate the mix, bringing an intriguing, enigmatic element.

With My STARS, you'll have the cosmos at your fingertips, ready to infuse your projects with a touch of celestial magic. Whether it's for crafting, resin art, nails, or adding a celestial touch to your makeup, this glitter mix is your passport to a universe of creativity and wonder, allowing you to create stunning resin art pieces that evoke the beauty of the night sky.

Color: mix ** Please view all photos
Shape: mix with stars
Size: mix **Large and chunky glitters are not recommended for use around the eye.

*** Jars are sold separately. ***

!!** PLEASE NOTE - 5g and 10g sizes are more likely the size you want for nail art or other small projects including but not limited to: resin pours (not tumblers), card and paper craft, small batches of slime, candles making etc... If you are planning for a tumbler you will need to purchase a bigger size. Thank you **!!

Skin safe Polyester glitter for use in nail art and resin, tumblers, scrapbook and crafting projects, Painting projects, soap making, confetti, paper crafts, candle making, cosmetic, journals, card making, cosplay, costume making, slime making, Balloons, beards, hair, festival pride, team pride, etc..

Has been tried in acrylic and gel hold up well in the products we tried them with.
( please note glitter may react differently to different brand acrylics and gels)

Works with mod podge, and white glue as well as super glues. ( reaction may differ from brand to brand)

Works in resin. (reaction may differ with different resins)

Comes in a plastic zip bag (Measured by weight)

***Due to variations and screen settings, colors may differ in person.***