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** Some photos shown on curved paper or in the curve of a plastic bag and with different light directions, as well as different camera angles to show color variation on curved items and different angles.**

Natural Mica powder for resin, nail acrylic, nail gel, paint, epoxy, modge podge, soap making, candles, slime, etc...

This mica powder is skin safe, but I am selling it for resin and nail art. It is up to you if you choose to use it on your skin. I have and will continue to use it on my skin, again though it is your choice as I am selling in for non cosmetic purposes.

These are Mica powders so they do have that beautiful shimmer that comes along with it.

!!** PLEASE NOTE - 5g and 10g sizes are more likely the size you want for nail art or other small projects. If you are planning a big project you will need to purchase a bigger size. Thank you **!!

*** Jars are NOT included. They do not hold enough glitter.***

Due to variations and screen settings, colors may differ in person.